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Sehr geehrte Kundin, sehr geehrter Kunde, in den kommenden Monaten habe ich bereits einige Termine gebucht und werde in einigen Zeiträumen nicht in Berlin sein. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren.


Artist portrait - Copyright ©Maria Rapela

KünstlerInnen/Modell: Mara Mahía, Sandra Rosas, Izaskún Gracia, Berlin John, Karina Villavicencio, Jeanna Serikbayeba, Vanessa Milan,  sänger von La Mula Santa, Xueh Magrini, Nora Sturm, John, Xueh Magrini, Flash Gonzalez, Alex und John Gailla, Amelia Nin



1x KünstlerInnen

         Business Licence



(incl. 19% VAT)

Künstler Portrait

We will do a photo shoot in a photo studio in Berlin-Wedding. Optional (extra) Outdoor mini sessionto have a wider selection of images. Duration: about 1. hour.

I can also come to your studio or workplace.

Then you can choose the photos at your leisure at home. Then I edit the selected photos and send it to your email address for downloading

Sie erhalten 1 x Foto im JPG Format mit Profi Bildbearbeitung

Selection from about 100-150 different shots

Different outfits possible

Bis zu 3 Hintergrundfarben

You can pay in cash on the spot, by bank transfer or by Paypal at the end.

Zusätzliche Fotos mit Bildbearbeitung, Retusche und Lizenz kosten 100€


3 x KünstlerInnen

             Business Licence



(incl. 19% VAT)

Künstler Portrait

I would love to visit your studio or rehearsal space. There I will capture you doing what you love: Rehearsing, dancing, painting or playing an instrument. I want to portray you in your natural environment, in the place where you express your art. We can also explore one or two special locations.

I will give you a diverse range of portraits and situations that you can use for your online presence. Whether on your website, in social media or in the press - with these photos you will show off your best self.

Dauer: ca. 1,5 Stunden

Then you can choose the photos at your leisure at home. Then I edit the selected photos and send it to your email address for downloading

Sie erhalten 3 x Fotos im JPG Format mit Profi Bildbearbeitung

 Different outfits possible

Auswahl aus ca. 150 verschiedenen Aufnahmen

Sie können vor Ort bar oder naher per Banküberweisung oder per Paypal bezahlen

Additional photos mit Bildbearbeitung, Retusche und Lizenz 100€ 





  (incl. 19% VAT)

Künstler Portrait Schrifsteller*In Buchveröffentlichung

Sie planen die Veröffentlichung eines neuen Buches und benötigen ein Foto für das Buch und die Buchwerbung? Handelt es sich um ein Self-Publishing? Oder übernimmt ein Verlag die Kosten für die Bilder? Die Preise variieren je nach der Anzahl der zu veröffentlichenden Exemplare. Dieser Preis ist der Ausgangspunkt für unabhängige Autoren, kleine Verlage, Self-Publisher und für eine einzige Auflage des Buches. Wenn Sie später ein weiteres Buch oder eine zweite Auflage veröffentlichen und das gleiche Foto verwenden möchten, müssen Sie die Druckrechte für das neue Buch erwerben.

Dauer: ca.  1,5. Stunden

Then you can choose the photos at your leisure at home. Then I edit the selected photos and send it to your email address for downloading

Sie erhalten 1 x Foto im JPG Format mit Profi Bildbearbeitung

Different outfits possible

Selection from about 100-150 different shots

Different outfits possible

Sie können per Banküberweisung oder per Paypal am Ende bezahlen.

Zusätzliche Fotos mit Bildbearbeitung, Retusche und Lizenz kosten 150€



  • Retouching: The package you choose includes professional photo editing, i.e. light, contrast, texture, spots on the face, stains or lint on the clothes, improvement of color, etc. If you want additional retouching, I will do it for free. After that, all additional retouching will cost 25€.

  • Additional photos mit Bildbearbeitung, Retusche und Lizenz kosten 100€.

  • Rights of use für eigene Werbung, Presse, Social Media, Website, kleine Flyer und Katalog und kleine Plakate.

  • Advertising campaigns, book publication: If you want print rights for a photo (e.g. for a publisher/book or large advertising campaigns), they will be charged and licensed separately.

  • Payment options: You can pay cash on site, by bank transfer or by Paypal.

  • The prices are valid in the Berlin area and include 19% VAT.




Artist portrait: photo reportage in your studio or atelier

Artist Portrait - Artist Portrait in Berlin. Let me come to your studio and showcase your art. I will capture your passion, your work space and your creative process to spark people’s curiosity and admiration for your work. You can use these photos not only on your website, but also for engaging content on social media or for your newsletter. With personalized photos and fresh material about your activity, you will boost the attention and interest of your followers and potential customers.






Artist portrait: photo reportage at dance, performance or theater rehearsal


If you have received funding to develop an artistic project, you will need to write a summary of your activity and show that you have worked. A series of photographs to go along with your document or portfolio for future projects will be a great asset and a sign that you are passionate and professional about your art and have documented your work.

Künstler Portrait - Fotoreportage während der Probenarbeit:

Project: Locker Ruf, Concept: Annick Schadeck and Luc Spada, Choreography: Annick Schadeck, Text and sound: Luc Spada, Dancers: Annick Schadeck and Jeanna Serikbayeva

With the support of Fonds Culturel National du Luxembourg - FOCUNA, Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance, Berlin-Wedding.




An artist portrait as part of your marketing and advertising strategy


You deserve better than the photos from your last vacation to present yourself as an artist in press releases, at festivals and on your own website. A professional photo shows how much you care about your work and professional image. Artist portraits should be seen as part of your marketing and advertising strategy to promote your name as an artist.




 1- Xueh Magrini - Artists Portrait - Academic Portrait - 2- Elsye Suquilanda, Casa Bukowsky, Cinema Film Festival 3-Karina Villavicencio -Network dialogue #7: Inclusion & Participation ( 4- Karina Villavicencio, WDR, Cosmo Radio, Interview 5- Kysy Fischer Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Portrait female artists, Berlin 5- Annick Shadeck-Locker Ruf, Berlin-Buehnen. 6-Berlin John, Der Spiegel

Artist Portrait - Berlin - ©Photo Maria Rapela -







I am just a few minutes walk from the U(6) and S-Bahn station Wedding (Ringbahn). Only appointment 

If you are interested in a photo shoot with me, please get in touch with me in advance so we can plan everything together. I will gladly help you with the selection of clothing and location, whether in the studio or outdoors. Also, you can book a stylist as an extra if you like.

I look forward to working with you and showcasing your art.

I offer a personalized service in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.


Call me or write me, I will be glad to help you: Maria Rapela

Phone:  017 644 277 015

Email: info (@) mariarapelafoto (.) com

Appointment only with reservation, book now

Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00h and special schedules


What can I do for you?

Write me here with all details and I will send you an unbinding offer.

I look forward to your message!






Artist portrait: the image to position yourself as an artist

As an artist, you may have a long journey to position yourself in your field. The key is to take the right steps to stand out and build a recognizable and reputable personal brand. Photography is one of the most important tools that artists:inside can use to enhance their professional and commercial image. An image that shows seriousness and professionalism. These factors create trust with potential clients, artist agencies, festivals, juries, as well as with potential buyers and the wider public. You need to see yourself as a brand, and you are the product. If you present yourself poorly, you will appear unprofessional.

Artist portrait in Berlin: show the world what you love to do

If you are starting your business as a freelancer:in in Berlin and need a professional photo for your website or for the professional networks like LinkedIn or Xing. It can be a photo in your studio or workshop while you are working, a photo during an exhibition or in a photo studio. As an artist:in and depending on your industry, you should think about how you dress to reflect your character as an artist:in and what type of clothing you want to use to present yourself. Share your passion for what you do and let people see your workspace, studio or workshop. Share your world and show your professional work.

Artist portrait in Berlin: for your social media profile and media kit

Prepare your press kit with artist photos to send to festivals and competitions. Don't think of it as an expense, think of it as an investment. A project without photos or a project with poor quality photos will hardly be noticed.