International guest assistance in Berlin

Personal accompaniment of Spanish-speaking business or cultural delegations in Berlin with photographic expertise



International guest assistance in Berlin

I offer a personalized assistance service for travelers or groups who visit Berlin and need help with their arrival or stay. I also capture your best moments in Berlin with professional photography. Whether you are here for a short trip or a long stay, I support you and make your experience memorable.



Guest assistance

  • Reception at the airport
  • Accompaniment to the various events
  • Help with orientation and mobility in the city
  • Support with communication and organizational issues
  • Main contact in Berlin for a welcome and pleasant feeling
  • Support for an unforgettable experience


Reportage event photography

  • Photographic documentation of your journey
  • Professional quality visual souvenirs of the trip: photos for private use or commercial use by the company (web, marketing campaigns, press releases, etc.)
  • Exhibition stand photography, group photos, individual portraits, event photography, capturing beautiful moments
  • Packages or photos can be purchased separately




About me:


Maria Luisa Herrera Rapela


Ich bin eine deutsche und costaricanische Fotografin und visuelle Künstlerin, die seit 2008 in Berlin lebt. Ich habe einen Bachelor in Kulturanthropologie und bin leidenschaftlich an interkulturellen Themen interessiert. Ich war Mitbegründerin und Koordinatorin des Fieber Festivals: Iberoamerikanischer Künstlerinnen in Berlin von 2011 bis 2017. Ich spreche Spanisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch und Französisch.



Call me or write me, I will be glad to help you:

Phone:  017 644 277 015

Email: info (@) mariarapelafoto (.) com



International guest assistance in Berlin

Berlin, Standort Gästebetreuung Persönliche Begleitung lateinamerikanischer Wirtschafts oder Kulturdelegationen in Berlin.

I offer: Support for a pleasant everyday travel...

Business trips to distant cities and countries where you don't speak the language can be very stressful and exhausting. You have to process a lot of information in a short time and have a busy schedule. You can quickly feel overwhelmed and lost.

That is why I offer you my services as an International Guest Care in Berlin on site. I will take care of your groups, family members or guests. I will give you a basic orientation about life in the city. I will help you in decision making to save time. I make it easier for you to get around the city by public transport. I will make your stay an unforgettable experience. I will support you in all everyday tasks and communication. I am your main contact in the city and make you feel welcome. I charge for my services by the hour or by the day.

International host support in Berlin: cultural mediator in Spanish

Cultural mediator: I am responsible for your well-being during your stay and make you feel safe and accompanied.

I will receive you at the airport, accompany you to the events and support you in all communication and organizational matters. I will take care of your individual needs and make your stay a pleasant and unforgettable experience

International guest hosting in Berlin: Professional photographic documentation

Professional photographic documentation of the stay for business or private purposes. As a professional photographer I capture the most important moments of your group trip: photos of the event or fair, group photos, photos for commercial or private purposes. The photos can be purchased individually or as a complete package.