Headshots photography at a company event

Portrait Berlin Events

I recently took some portraits of young Youtubers for a company. They had commissioned me to bring my lighting equipment and use the portraits for the thumbnails of their respective channels. The thumbnails are the cover images of the videos, showing the title and maybe a picture of the creators. They should be expressive and encourage people to watch the video.

The organizers wanted very expressive portraits in which the young people should show different emotions such as sadness, joy, surprise, fear and others. They gave me 15 minutes per person and 10 people in total.

15 minutes per person is relatively short, as I am more used to more individual sessions of 45 minutes or more per person. This is because in order to create convincing and high-quality portraits, it is necessary to create a special atmosphere and trust and then carry out the session calmly until the right pose and expression are found.

For the session in question, I had to come up with a strategy that would make it easier for me given the short time I had for each participant. I also made some drawings in the style of emoticons with the different emotions to help the young people not only in writing but also visually. I also supported them with my voice by guiding them and also recreating situations where they could deepen their feelings.

The process was a lot of fun, and I think it was also a fun experience for the participants, many of whom had never done it before. Some were more shy, others more expressive, the truth is that everyone took away an experience and some images of themselves that will help them improve their channel, their presence and their content.

If you are interested in taking portraits for any kind of event in Berlin, contact me, let me know your ideas and I will send you a non-binding offer.